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Welcome to Cobalt

Faciliteis Management

Integration of processes


Facility management is the integration of processes within an organisation to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the efficiency of its primary activities. Our Facility Management consultancy deals with all these aspects of Facility Management.


Our starting point is our customer’s defined aims and objectives for their core business. Our professionals have a huge knowledgebase with a comprehensive understanding of the different aspects of the management discipline, architecture, buildings and services. They also have the ability to translate core business demands for space and services into specific products and deliverables accessible on the suppliers market.


Our services have a great span: from the strategic brief for understanding the demands of core business, through specifying the needed services and carrying out the procurement process. Our Facilities Management department also advises internal and external suppliers on ways to improve their processes.


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Buildings and infrastructure represent a significant cost for businesses and society.

Facilities Managment.


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